Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter !

This little fairy illustration was used years ago in an advert for Zoflora discinfectant of all things !
She is so pretty and springlike I added the background and sentiment to make the perfect Easter greeting ^_^

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Fairy Journaling

OK I admit it - I killed my blog by using Facebook.

I hope I'm not too late to breathe some life back into it ?
I just feel like it's worth saving.
My blog is more 'me', I'm happier here 'cos maybe I feel like no one is looking...
I have been doing more mixed media, journaling and this
one of my more recent journal pages using a vintage fairy illustration by Helen Jacobs.
The background is a floral tissue paper coloured with Gelatos.
I think it turned out cute - the text is cut from an old Enid Blyton book.

Polyanthus Champagne just because it's such a lovely peachy shade.

2014 Summer Event Kid Delf Head painted by Nomyens.
Little miss no name on a Notdoll body.
(it's the only body I've got that matches the skin tone)
The wig is from eBay but I can't remember the seller.
It had longer bits but I cut them off!
I think it suits her face better.

And that is it for now !
Don't forget -


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

All Dressed Up Facebook Challenge - Theme Hearts

Here's my entry for the All Dressed Up Facebook Challenge for February. 
The theme is hearts and I thought this little boho beauty would fit perfectly on this heart picture frame.
The image is called 'Flyaway Butterfly' and is available from All Dressed Up.
She is so cute !
I found the cream frame in Aldi for £2.99.
I liked the moulding and thought it was pretty.
So, I used a Santoro Deco Mache paper with a lovely swirly script pattern to cover the frame then hand painted the little lacey bits with my white Uni posca paint pen to highlight the moulding. 
I coloured the image using Promarkers, but paper pieced the dress. I had to use carbon paper to do this but I think it came out OK. The paper for the dress and the background are from the Fairy Belle Collection by Prima.  
I coloured 2 butterflies and cut them out to create to create a nice dimensional effect.
I love the way it came out !

Monday, 4 January 2016

Snowflake Fairy's Season's Greetings

Following the theme of Fairy Advent - trying to be forward looking and optimistic at a dark time of the year - a card from The Museums & Galleries Collection.
She Calls Up the First Snowdrops (detail)
Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (Australian) 1888-1961
Illustration from Blossom. A Fairy Story, 1928
The fairy is printed in gold, the snowdrops in black.

Below is the illustration from the book and an extract describing this beautiful fairy.

'...a slender, white-robed fairy with long pale hair and glittering silvery wings, "is Snowflake, the winter fairy. She rides on the snowflakes and taps at night on the window-pane, softly, softly. She spangles the trees with hoar-frost and turns the water drips into icicles. But, as well, she calls up the first snowdrops, and hides behind then and makes them tinkle with fairy music.'

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Fairy Advent - Dec 24 - It's Christmas !

Behind the door on  Dec24.
It's Christmas !
Christmas is a magical time
of family, friends, and love...
Wishing you sparkling surprises
and fun-filled festive moments !
Have a Wonderful Time.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Fairy Advent - 23 Dec - Holly wears the crown

Dec 23 - The Holly Fairy from Flower Fairies calendar 1988.
Cicely Mary Barker undeniably the queen of fairy illustrators 
has provided a fairy for every season.
Bright and beautiful Holly wishes us a December full of cheer!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Fairy Advent - Dec22 - Chestnuts roasting

Collecting Kindling for a Fire is the title of this little beauty from Pixie Kin a Faerie Calendar by PAULINA CASSIDY 2011.
It's so bright and cheerful and those bunnies are being very helpful ^_^
Although I think they need a size bigger ear muffs to cover those big bunny ears !
Her outfit is gorgeous and that's exactly how I would like to dress for a snowy walk in the woods. 

Monday, 21 December 2015

Fairy Advent - Dec21 - Let there be light

Let there be light, for soon Winter begins. Here in the Northern Hemisphere the December Solstice brings the shortest day - I hope this little fairy brightens your day and night wherever you may be.

From The magical world of Fairies Calendar 2005.
No artist credits but I think this it is Beverlie Manson.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Fairy Advent - Dec 19/20 - Angels from the Realms of the Glory

A weekend of angels from my Sulamith W├╝lfing calendars.
Angel Spirits Calendar 
December 2007
Angel of Devotion
Through life's trials and tempests, I keep the flame of faith alive.
I shelter the spark of devotion within your heart,
holding it close as a mother holds her tender infant,
sheltering it from the wind.
Draw close to the light and be at peace.

The Art of SulamithW├╝lfing Calendar
December 2003
The Angel of Advent
Astride the line between faith and unknowing,
between certainty and hope lives the Angel of Advent.
She comes to us on white wings saying,
"Celebrate the light even on this darkest night."

The Art of Sulamith W├╝lfing Calendar
December 2002
The Great Ball
Sulamith's fairies look more like little angels to me because of their feathered wings.
Her usual attention to detail, the textures and expression are beautiful.
The paper chain and beads, the checked slipper and the mischievous brownies.
Wondrous and magical !

Friday, 18 December 2015

Fairy Advent - Dec18 - Christmas Dreams

For today an Accord Gallery card titled Christmas Dreams by the Fireside (Anonymous).
This painting depicts a sleeping girl dreaming of delicate fairies visiting from a beautiful fairytale castle. Maybe they are granting her a Christmas wish come true.

Wishing You
a Merry Christmas