Monday, 12 October 2009

Moonflowers Garden

It's time again, that I re-arranged my website and took new photos of my dolls. It's a very time consuming thing and normally I gather it all together and publish it in one go, but this time I will do it a bit at a time : )
I don't really know why I keep my website. 'Back in the day' we all wanted our own dolly webby but now everyone seems to have Blogs and Flickr. I suppose I'm a little old fashioned and I still enjoy mucking about with graphics and stuff.
This is my most recent pic of Moonflower. She was my first BJD, a Youth Dollmore Eve - White Lilith. She has 4 sets of ears - human, short elf, long elf and mermaid. Of course Moonflower always wears her long elf ears because she is Prima Ballerina Assoluta in the Garden and the longer ones ears are the higher ones authority is : )
I did originally repaint her lips to make them less sulky and because I didn't the Dollmore lip colour. I love her as she is but one day it will be time for a change and I will give her a whole new face up.

This is Teasle and she always wears her long Siamese ears. This is the sleeping version ; )

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