Monday, 5 October 2009

Unoa Lusis

Just when I was thinking that this year had been a bit empty new doll wise and with Tyni and Soso on the way, I wasn't expecting this girl to turn up.
An Unoa Quluts has been my grail doll for so long that I can't believe this Lusis is mine at last ! I nearly pre-ordered one with Crescent this year but things happened and it went right out of my mind. Then I was lucky enough to see this kit on DOA and in the UK too : )
I was wary about having to string her but it turned out to be very easy.
I'm not disappointed with her in any way, s
he is beautiful and sooo dainty !
Her name is Inari and she is Bryony's younger sister.

No face up yet and I need some special eyes for her.
Looking for wigs and clothes.

But I did give her a manicure ^_^

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