Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mind Wide Open March Challenge

This month Gail from Mind Wide Open provided us with a background image and the word SPRING !
Fortunately I had just put this plain box to one side thinking it would be a good little project for the future.
It is just the right size for storing garden seeds !
Originally I was going to cover the whole box with the background paper but I didn't have enough ink in the printer. So instead I only covered the lid and the bottom of the inside, using a different paper for the inside walls.
The rest of the box is painted with gesso, acrylic paint and a lot of distress ink. I found a couple of chipboard alphabets and mismatched them to spell the seasons around the sides of the box and stamped the letters with tiny random leaves.
I printed the word SEEDS and stamped the rest of the design for the lid using my favourite fairy stamps from Crafty Secrets
I think vintage seed packets would look especially nice inside my box... if I had some ink I could print some.

Inside the lid. The words are -
'May joy in full measure
Rain down on your way,
And all that gives pleasure
Surround you to-day'

What's inside ?
Candytuft - Fairy Mixed
Of course !


  1. Ooooh, you did such a nice job with that background! Love the colors you used along with the green. Good luck in the challenge!