Monday, 15 March 2010

Primrose Pixies

I thought I would share this lovely spring postcard.
It's from a set of 10 published by J Arthur Dixon. Unfortunately I only have 8 and I can't find anything out about the artist Marjorie Dawson.
I love her style - pretty pixies and smiley violas in delicate spring colours.
This could be a little scene happenin' in Moonflowers Garden ^_^

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  1. hi carolyn.
    i too love the artwork of Marjorie dawson. I currently look after her son who is 84 years old and am fortunate enough to have seen some more of her beautiful paintings also to own some of her little comics that were printed, and been gifted some of her original artwork. The picture that is on your blog is from one of her own story comics called the sunflower elf.
    I am amazed that this incredibly talented lady is not more widely known.
    I myslef was brought up on the stories of Enid Blyton and instantly felt drawn to her beautiful pictures.
    Id love to share some of her art with you as it may inspire you to create more dolls.
    please email me on if you would like me to send you some scanned copies?

    Love and Light :D