Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Another favourite from my Marjorie Dawson postcard set.
'Market Time in Pixieland'
Being tempted by the pixie fishmonger, black 'n'white kitten looks scrumptious in her pink skirt and bow. And I wonder what tasty bit of gossip those two Mrs Squirrels are sharing : )
What would bunnies buy ? Juicy carrots, plump radishes and a little lettuce of course.
Treats and bright balloons for the little ones - it's such a happy scene !

Below is a scan from Enid Blytons Seven O'Clock Tales illustrated by Dorothy M Wheeler.
The story is The Enchanted Shoelace which features a pixie called Skippy. Notice the sweet shop in the bottom of a knarled tree with it's pretty bow window full of sweetie treats. This tale warns us to be careful if ever finding a magic shoelace - especially if you have designs on a pink pony ; )

Pip pretendin' to be a bee.

And Piccolo snufflin' about the herb pot - I think the coriander has gone up his nose.


  1. Newcastle on Thyme sounds like a lovely place to be, I hope it is! Charming little people that you have gathered together here in your world. I do not believe, however, that I have ever heard of a Meezer!

    Thank you for visiting us in the Hollow.

  2. This is all so very beautiful...

    Hug from all of us..T.D and Company

  3. Thank u Jeri!
    I suppose 'Meezer' probably should be spelt 'Meser', being the affectionate name for Siamese cats =^_^=
    Hopalong Hollow is beautiful and I will be visiting often :)

    Many thanks Dutchess - curtseys and waves ^_^