Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Moonflowers Ballet Feet

There is a definate touch of Autumn in the air this mornin'.
The sky is blue, the rosehips are red and the sun is ripening our pumpkin : )
During the Summer, Moonflower spent a few weeks up in Scotland with the talented Caroline of Viridian House getting a well deserved make-over. She now has the most beautifully soft and sparkly face up - fit for a fairy prima ballerina !
(The first pic is by Caroline - I added it because it shows the soft shading and her delicate brush work)

Tony gave me some Peapod Doll Ballet Feet and shoes for my bithday : )
They fit Moonflower perfectly and the resin is a pretty good match. Very easy to swap and they include an ankle joint to keep the feet en pointe (handy).

These 2 pics came 2nd in Peapods Ballet Contest ! I hadn't planned to enter, it was a bit of a rush but I just managed to get them sent on time.
The dress is part of a Dollheart set.

No new dolls this year yet - how sad :(
But I'm enjoying looking - far too many enabling cute pics on DOA and Flickr ! Mostly, being tempted for a Lati Yellow, maybe, I think ^_^

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