Friday, 22 October 2010

Witch, Witch

The first witch in this delectable selection of 'Li'l Old Ladies' appears in The Mary McClure Golden Story Book. The story is titled - The Elves and the Pussycat (A Story for Hallow E'en) in which the elves, Long Legs and Tiny Toes, set out to protect Granny Doody's black cat from being pressed into the service of a no good witch for Halloween.
The moon is looking rather startled and actually I think that Granny Doody is on the night shift ; )

This one by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite - about to fly off a very high cliff - looks gorgeous in her red shoes and matching cloak. From 'The Road to Fairyland'.

Also by Ida and from the same book, it looks like Granny Doody has flown a very long way to join her sister in Australia just in time for the witching hour.

Below, beware the witchy stare ! I love her hat and dress and wish that she would step back a little so that I coud see the rest of it ! Is she wearing a skirt ? Skin tight trousers and knee high boots ? Or maybe something a bit more fantastical ?
I suppose I'll never know : )

Hellebore by Maxine Gadd.

I was also curious about the new eBook advertised on Maxines website and discovered it is available at to download for their Kindle. As I don't have a Kindle I was happy to see that u can download a Kindle for the pc for free. So I did and then bought the book !

Now I thought that there would be pictures by Maxine to go with the text (it does say it's illustrated by her) but it looks like it's just the 'cover'. But it's a very nice cover and I like the look of these two witchy girls already ^_^

"Witch, witch, where do you fly?"...
"Under the clouds and over the sky."

"Witch, witch, what do you eat?"...
"Little black apples from Hurricane Street."

"Witch, witch, what do you drink?"...
"Vinegar, blacking and good red ink."

"Witch, witch, where do you sleep?"
"Up in the clouds where pillows are cheap."

Rose Fyleman


  1. so nice to have flown across your blog today. I love storybook images, the top one is fabulous. Have a lovely Sunday, Catherine x

  2. Thank u for popping by Catherine ^_^