Monday, 22 November 2010

Autumn Sky

This is how the sky looked today - grey with lots of rain. The swallows are long gone but the blackbird is back because I've heard him singing early in the morning.
The thought of winter is not a happy one but I must brave it - the house is cosy and will soon be lit with festive sparkle.
I'm hoping for some bright winter days - dry blue skies with sun that shine through to warm the cats in their favourite chair.

"Hold the paint pot steady, Fay
We must not spill a drop.
Busy painting Autumn leaves
From bough to bough we'll hop !"

Rene Cloke has teased some Autumn cheer into this picture with these lovely colours. I think the leaf painting work is over for now tho' - the fairies better wrap up warm 'cos Jack Frost is just around the corner ^_^

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