Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Little Treasures

The 'Illustrated Fairy Gazette' by Frances and Avril Tyrrell comes under my heading of treasured little things. I've collected all 5 of these moreish, mini magazines, they are so sweet. Only 5 1/2" high, perfectly printed in lush colour and bound with rainbow fairy thread I keep them in my bedside drawer. I like to pick one out - a bit like choosing a favourite chocolate centre - open, induldge and dream : )
Hey cheeky ! I'm not tellin' u what's inside - get your own !!

That's not all tho' - how happy was I to discover 2 larger versions of the Fairy Gazette ?
'Festivals and Fairs' and 'Bon Voyage' are available from These are a sort of compilation of the originals but with MORE ! Beautifully produced with the same soft feel and lots and lots of new scrumptious pictures. I nearly fainted right away opening the envelope inside the back covers to reveal my very own paper fairy doll, with a selection of fabulous frocks and accessories.

Ahhh ! Treasure indeed ^_^

Fairy Lanterns

Treasure Seeker Studio

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