Saturday, 5 March 2011

Fairy places, fairy things -

This weeks fairy thing is a foxglove hat for my Flickr friend Becky. It will fit her Pukipuki Darjeeling (Sparrow) when she arrives : )
Becky loves fairies too and we ended up doin' a fairy swap !

And this is Pip's portrait by Becky - painted in acrylic on a little canvas just for me !
Isn't it sweet ? I just love the way it turned out.
You can check out some more art by Becky in her Etsy shop LittleGreyCoconut

Pip went on and on about a foxglove hat - it has to be like this and like that. I wouldn't mind, but that Summer he promptly lost it ! We searched high and low (well I did) but it didn't turn up til the Autumn clear out and by then it was a bit manky and I think something was livin' in it. Fortunately it scrubbed up with a drop of morning dew and now is as good as new.
Pixies !


  1. I met Carolyn on flickr. I admired her beautiful hat and she immediately offered to make one for me. Being a complete sweetheart she offered to make it for free. After doing a happy dancing around the room for a moment I suggested a swap instead. I am sooooo super excited about the foxglove hat. It is the most magical, whimsical, beautiful thing I've ever seen and I bet Sparrow will never want to take it off.
    Many many thanks to my new friend.
    Fairy Hugs,

  2. Hehe ! Thank u Becky (I'm blushing)
    Sharing a little pixie magic is all good and finding a fairy friend is truly welcoming:)
    I'm enchanted by your warmth and can't wait for Pip's portrait to arrive.

    Carolyn ^_^