Sunday, 26 June 2011

Thank u for Fairy Day Party !

I really enjoyed the fairy day party hosted by Jorgelina ! It was a great opportunity to peek around everyones blogs : ) And a big thank u to all those who visited mine !
I was however, a bit annoyed by Bloggers performance when I tried to leave comments. There's a certain comment form that I just cannot use, which meant I couldn't leave a little message on all the blogs I wanted to. It asks me to sign in over and over and will not recognise my Google account. Sooo frustrating !!

Never mind tho' - don't forget that you have until 1st July to be in with a chance to win my little fairy giveaway.
That's if Blogger will allow u to comment of course ^_^

There are fairies at the bottom of our garden!
They often have a dance on summer nights;
The butterflies and bees make a lovely little breeze,
And the rabbits stand about and hold the lights.
Did you know that they could sit upon the moonbeams
And pick a little star to make a fan,
And dance away up there in the middle of the air?
Well, they can.

part of a poem by Rose Fyleman
Picture from Pookie by Ivy Wallace


  1. The fairy party was so much fun!

    By the way, your Siamese cats are gorgeous! They look like little miniature white tigers!

  2. Hi Charo & Hi Kim - Peach and Teasle say thank u we are lazy little tigers, we like to lie around in the sun all day. It's a cats life =^_^=