Saturday, 2 July 2011

Fairy Party Giveaway Draw !

It's time for the Fairy Party giveaway draw !
Huge thanks to everyone who took part and left wonderful comments -
you are all here.

In the bag

All shook up

And out pops ...

ROISIN !Woohoo !
Congratulations Roisin the fairy card is yours.
All you have to do is contact me with your address so I can post it off to you.

How exciting - well, I like givin stuff away so keep a look out for another little giveaway in a few weeks time.
For now I wish u all a fairy happy weekend !


1 comment:

  1. Oh my!!! I can’t believe it, I was just scrolling down, admiring that lovely pouch, and then - bang, my name is there! Thank you so very much my dear, this has made my week! It’s such a pretty, pretty card and it’s so generous of you to be giving away your work like this. Oh, and I’m really truly sorry for taking so long to get over here. I’ve been super busy all week and I’ve not had much time for blogging, I feel really bad about it now :( Thanks once again and I’ll forward you my details on now. Yippee!!!
    Roisin x