Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Like most people during the summer I like to spend as much time as pos' outside. I'm usually in the garden or yard - if the weather allows of course - pottering, hanging washing, sitting dreaming with the cats =^_^=
The past few days have been very humid bringing at times some very heavy rain. The flowers love it! When this beautiful Gaillardia kindly unfurled its petals I was instantly reminded of Cicely Mary Barkers Gaillardia Fairy. It's a real August type flower, deep red and rich yellow gold - a very 'Leo ish' ruffled bloom!

The Song of the Gaillardia Fairy

There was once a child in a garden.
Who loved all my colours of flame,
The crimson and scarlet and yellow -
But what was my name?

For Gaillardia's hard to remember!
She looked at my yellow and red,
And thought of the gold and the glory
When the sun goes to bed;

And she troubled no more to remember,
But gave me a splendid new name;
She spoke of my flowers as Sunsets -
Then you do the same!


A garden full of little sunsets - how lovely !
Hope u are havin a warm and happy summer

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