Sunday, 15 January 2012

Resin Angels Photo Challenge #1

I signed up for Resin Angels monthly themed photo challenge so here is my first effort !
The theme this month is Fairy Tales.
Introducing my gorgeous Little Gretel, (my 'littlegretel' name is after her). I bought Little Gretel by Wendy Lawton online many years ago from The Dollery. She arrived with only one gingerbread man, there were supposed to be 2, with no satisfactory conclusion to this I never bought from them again, hmph!
She is full bodied porcelain and about 14" tall and had a crown of daisies but I hid it from Peach because she used sniff it out and run off with it on a regular basis ^_^


  1. Oh I love it!! I have that same scrapbooking paper you used as a background, darn I wished I'd thought of that it looks fantastic!! My cats love to run off with my doll things too, especially wigs, I have to hide them lol.

  2. Thank u ^_^
    I've used that lovely paper for loads of things but it's especially useful for backgrounds !
    Cat's n dolls - Teasles favourite are fur wigs - she'll walk off with one growling as if to say "I'm havin' this furry thing, it's all mine!"