Monday, 23 January 2012

Vintage Flower Fairies

While looking around the Antiques Centre in Corbridge just before Christmas I couldn't resist these two Flower Fairies books. Not a bad price at £4 each but a bit shabby looking on the outside, I've made them each a little dust jacket.

Now they look pretty and neat !

Inside they are a bit spotted but the illustrations are exquisite compared to some later editions.

I love my books - old, previously loved books are especially nice.
And the paper smells so - mmm - OLD ! ^_^


  1. More friends need to know about your beautiful and special blog. I will feature you soon! It's magical coming here. Come visit me if you have time.
    I love gnomes and elves and dolls and dogs. I grew up in a place called Once Upon a Fairyland. You can see my side bar and read all about it.

    In kindness,
    Once Upon a Fairyland

  2. Dear Carolyn,
    I posted a comment to you yesterday and one today too. I have featured your cute blog on my blog to send friends your way!
    In kindness,
    Once Upon a Fairyland

  3. A beautiful blog site you have.Enchanting!I must be a follower.I was sent hear by Jackie-a follower of yours and I call her friend.

  4. Good afternoon Carolyn! I come by way of Jackie from Once Upon a Fairyland, a long-time blogger SISTER and she was right. This is an enchanting place! I LOVE YOUR MUSIC and your choice of beautiful photos! Much happiness to you! Anita

  5. Good Morning Carolyn Sweetie...
    Jackie sent me over. I couldn't wait to me you. Love meeting new friends across our Blogland.

    I love fairies and your books are absolutely exquisite. Love the photos. Your book covers you made are excellent. You did a phenomenal job sweet friend.

    Your blog is both magical and lovely. I too am married to a Tony. Can't wait to see what you share next. I am your newest follower. Country hugs, Sherry

  6. First let me say my friend Jackie from Once upon a Fairyland sent me over, she enjoyed your blog and posted about it on hers. I love these sweet of Flower Fairy books you have here and the fact you love dolls. I do too and was really into making them like Gretel in the 90's. After than we moved to Alaska and I moved onto other hobbies you can read about on my blog if you come visit me. I joined your site. Take Care Nan

  7. So nice to meet you Carolyn,, I found you while visiting Jackie at Once upon a Fairyland.. Your blog is just beautiful.. Yes, you made quite a find here... I have one book of Cicely Mary Barker.. She is an amazing artist and poet...

  8. Jacqueline - thank u for featuring my blog and your sweet comments ^_^

    Thank u also Denise and Anita for taking a peek at my little blog xx

    Sherry - thank u for visiting and for your comment - 'Tonys' are the best ; )

    Thank u Nan ! I'm glad you liked my little fairy books : )

    Penny, thank u it's nice to meet u too ^_^

    Carolyn ^_^

  9. Cecily Mary Barker is one of my favorite artists,I have all her books but mine are reproductions. How lucky a you are to have the originals!

  10. Hi,
    I am here from Jackie's blog . I love the books! I have enjoyed visiting your delightful blog , you are very talented !
    Please visit be at
    My Enchanted Home


  11. Thank u Jerri for visiting my little blog - and thanks Myrna I will pop over to u soon ^_^

  12. Hi Carolyn
    Thanks so much for visiting bunny and your kind words.
    Blessings, Penny

  13. Well goodness gracious, look at all the new friends you have! This is a very special place and I know somehow that friendship is meant to be. Looking towards getting to know you more. Have you went to visit all those girls blog?
    Nan is pure and simple and so kind, the best Alaska girlfriend we can find!

    Anita will make your heart soar with her wise wisdom and pure beauty she creates.

    So many lives are touched through blogging and I for one, am very thankful.

    Bless you Carolyn and happy days ahead!

  14. Carolyn
    Thanks so much for joining my site as you can see I am a Newbie but loving all the blog stuff. I have to tell you I know exactly what you mean about the "paper smell". I have a Kindle Fire but I only read "books" I love the smell of books and their pages ;) I am spending my time tonight visiting your site and loving every minute! Thanks for sharing! Hugs ~ CaroleAnn