Thursday, 16 February 2012


February is not my favourite month at all it's so drab at times.
But I do love Flora White's girl in red collecting snowdrops she looks soo warm and cosy!

The second month is dull and wet
We want to stay indoors and yet
Outside beneath the cold grey skies
The first lambs make their bleating cries.
It really is a joy to see
Them skip about so happily;
Then snowdrop pure and crocus gay
Tell us that Spring is on the way.

Verse by Anne Hope

Illustrated by Flora White


  1. Darling post!What a pleasure following your sweet blog.Denise

  2. Ooooo what a sweet and enchanting page Carolyn! Our February this year is quite different from our usual cold and snowy month; we have had 2 small dustings of snow all winter and this month has felt like spring! But little signs of the season do give our hearts hope and look at your SIAMESE CATS!!!!!!! They are so gorgeous! Thank you very much for coming all the way from the UK to leave a comment. Enjoy staying in and getting creative! That is what I am doing today! Anita

  3. Thank u Anita - stayin in and getting creative - it's what days like this were made for !!
    Peach & Teasle send kisses xx