Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Realpuki Tulip Pixie

Found at the bottom of the garden today - Tulipa Pixie Piccolo.
Lily flowered, cream blooms opening in the warm sun to reveal a cheeky face with a beaming smile ^_^


CaroleAnn said...

I love this fairy's smile! Where do you find these wonderful creatures that make us smile? Did you make this Fairy? Or were you one of the lucky ones, with an open heart, that was able to actual find a tulip fairy? ;) Thanks for sharing, hugs

Carolyn said...

LOL ! Yes CarolAnn, I really did just find him nestled in a tulip ;)
Carolyn ^_^

(Piccolo is a Realpuki Soso from a ball jointed doll company called Fairyland)

Resin Angels said...

Love these pics soooooo much! Soooo beautiful, her little smiling face brings a tear to my eye <3

Carolyn said...

Oh thank u !
You old softy ;)