Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Many thanks to the lovely CarolAnn at CG'S CARDS 4 U for a Liebster Blog award !
Thank u for thinkin' of me CarolAnn

The Liebster Award is the Herman friendship cake for blogs - you have to pass it on and share ; )
Do drop by my chosen blogs for a visit if you have the time!

Resin Angels
one of my favourite dolly blogs
because Jacqueline used to live in Fairyland (yes, it's true)

Create More Light
deliciously colourful - a bright happy blog to visit



  1. Oh Carolyn, what a beautiful blog you have... I am at work right now and just accidentally spent 30 minutes of company time looking through your posts (tee hee). Such a wonderful escape. Thank you so so much for the award and link... I am new to the blog world and loving every minute of it so far. Very excited to pass on the love. Hope you're having a beautiful day :)


  2. Thank u for popping in Jenn !
    You are very welcome ^_^

  3. Oh Carolyn thank you so much for the award!! I feel so honored, thank you x x x