Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wish List Wednesday

Mostly everyone has a wish list for something or another - I thought I would share some items on my own list. Of course, most wanted items change from week to week or day by day depending my mood. So every Wednesday I will check my list and pick out something that I fancy but will probably never get !
Mind you, never say never because you just never know ^_^

Today my most fancied item is an Angel Egg doll.
I've been a fan of Marmite Sue's art for years - her porcelain dolls are to be truly coveted. I cannot help but marvel at the intricate dentelle work of the porcelain. I don't know the exact process of creating such fancy, magical works of art - I just look and wonder.

AE doll is now in resin and a bit more attainable - I could force myself  ; )

So beautiful !
I'm looking forward to seeing other artists impressions on the blank version.


  1. hi Carolyn
    I love visiting you. The worlds you bring me into are awesome! I had to visit Marmite-Sue/Angel Egg Doll website and I was so fascinated by her work! I can't wait to see what you post next! Lots of hugs

  2. Hehe !
    I'm glad u enjoy popping in to my little world CarolAnn ^_^

  3. Wow! I've never seen those dolls before, I love the bottom one I want her!! Love how the ribbon is threaded into the resin and the lacey edges of her torso, so unique. Any idea how much they cost?

  4. I've no idea how much a porcelain Angel Egg Doll costs but the prices for the resin version are -

    Blank Dentelle type AEdoll installed spring mechanism (joints coated with hot-glue): $950
    Blank Dentelle type AEdoll strung with elastic (joints coated with hot-glue): $700 —> $550 (we could bring the price down – so please see correction!)
    Face-up (body blush included): + $60
    Magnetic Wig (high quality synthetic):+80
    Shipping outside Japan: $65

    IMO not a bad price for the blank version without the spring mechanism ^_^

  5. I'm so in love with these dolls, thank you for sharing them. I've enquired about ordering one! So excited!!

  6. Oh u lucky girl !
    You must keep me updated !!