Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wish List Wednesday - Shoes

 Today I wish for shoes - not for myself tho' (don't be daft) !
These pixie boots are a must have for any self respectin' Real Puki this summer.
Paint them yourself to go with almost anything !
Ideal for pixie parties, Midsummer picnics and twilight flights amongst the foxgloves and roses.
Available from Fairyland


  1. Carolyn
    First you are a sweetie and thanks for the kind words - I have to say I would love to see these pixie shoes painted by you! What an awesome job you would do! Also the picture on your website of the Fairy Doll for 6/24 Fairy Day (which I am excited about) is that one of your dolls. I absolutely love her eyes!!!! Too bad for your weather - I brought up your weather report:(
    Lots of Hugs CaroleAnn

  2. Yes, thank u CarolAnn that doll is my little Rosehip Syrup. Her eyes are by Soom - they are made of soft silicon so they fill the socket very well with no gaps. The colour is yellow marble ^_^