Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hearts and Cinderella

I'm on a money saving tip at the moment which is good in theory - it means I have to get more creative, plus I've got loads of stuff in my stash to keep me goin for a good while. But the projects I had in mind included using the printer which typically decided to have an untimely blocked nozzle, *sigh*. So it cost me for 2 new cartridges  :(
However while I was waiting for the ink to arrive I hunted out my reliable Versamark, fairy stamps, and Prima papers to cover and decorate these wood hearts.
(The hearts are the left over from where Tony cut the shapes out to revamp some cupboard doors in the kitchen.)
 Shabby or Chic?
I think they look pretty hung with scraps of white ribbon.


Today the ink turned up so I got printing right away. I created most of this image in Paint Shop Pro with a bit help from PicMonkey. It's stuck to a little mdf plaque. I used gesso textured with lace, painted it grey then gave it a coat of Rock Candy. The scalloped edge of the image is inked and embossed with holographic powder then after sticking it to the plaque I added some tiny gold stars and Rock Candy Stickles to give it some extra sparkle
Quite honestly this picture size is rubbish and really doesn't do it any justice at all.
Why Cinderella ?
I made it to hang above my glass pumpkin ^_^
The quote is taken from Cinderella in The Blue Fairy Book.

Hope u have a creative week!


  1. Hi Carolyn
    I love your hearts that you created! Heart cut outs from cabinets!! Bet those cabinet doors are beautiful too! My favorite is the pink one and I love your Cinderella plaque - very creative! Hugs

  2. Thank u CaroleAnn - the pink one is my favourite too.
    Oh yes, my snazzy heart cupboard!That's where all the stuff I never use but really need to keep lives ^_^