Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wish List Wednesday

I remember the time when an Unoa Lusis was on the top of my wish list.
Tony bought me the Unoa Freak book from which I coveted every single picture of those delicious dolls. My dream of a Lusis came true - I strung her, bought clothes, eyes and a wig, a sleeping faceplate I even gave her a manicure but to this day she still has no face up.
I could do it but I know it wouldn't be up to much.
That's why today my wish is for a face up for her by Nomyens.
Apart from the fact that I would be terrified sending the face away, it would be worth it for it to return painted in such delectable goodness as this -



  1. Carolyn
    Oh how I wish your Wednesday Wish comes true! You have opened a whole new world to me that I did not know existed. Have no idea what a face up is so I am assuming these doll heads are being painted - but the eyes are so real and the lips are yummy in deed. I went to the website Nomyens and straight to Fairyland tab - I'm in trouble I think I will need to get one of these dolls in the future;) Hugs

  2. Happy to enable you CaroleAnn !
    Spreading the world of dolly love ^_^

  3. Dear Carolyn,
    I had no idea this was available. I was not aware of face up!
    What a beauty!
    Thank you so much for coming over and entering my humble giveaway.
    I am truly honored.

  4. Oh yes you must send her off to Nomyens her face ups are beautiful. If I had any blank heads that's who I'd be sending them to!

    I love the idea of Wishlist Wednesday would you mind if I adopt the idea? I need to get blogging more again. I've felt a little flat lately and need to lift my game.

    I always think it but never say it, your blog is beautiful and inspirational Carolyn, it's always on the tippy top of my reading list on blogger <3

  5. Penny u are very welcome !
    I have my fingers crossed for your giveaway ^_^

  6. Thank u Sam *blush* that's such a lovely thing to say.
    And of course, go ahead, I'd be v happy for u to do a Wishlist Wed - get your bloggin head on and DO IT !!