Sunday, 29 July 2012

July Photo Challenge - Stories from theSea

It was my turn to think of a theme this month so chose 'Stories from the Sea' for July.  I was thinking Summer holidays, sunny beaches, pirates or maybe mermaids
This is a Barbie I customised probably about 10 yrs ago. I did her for a pink/black theme competition, but I have to confess that I actually really dislike that particular colour combo ! She had pink hair, lots of purple with black accents. I thought to myself that some time later I could re think her look altogether. So with the theme challenge in mind I hauled her out of the loft and gave her a makeover.



 I'm pretty happy with the way I had repainted her face but I decided to remod her lips. This doll originally had a toothy grin - I had modded the lips shut but I've played about with them a bit more and hopefully improved their shape. I also repainted the eyebrows and cut off her swirly conch shell hair.

I sculpted the tail out of paperclay but have never liked the texture I gave it, so I replaced it with a layer of gesso, painted it in lighter shades of mauve and green given it a crackle finish and applied layers of glitter over the top.
I always loved her tail, fins and wings, so I left them as they were, made from embroidered and beaded layers of silk waste. 
I got rid of the black top and made her a new glisteny, wispy one, and also added a tiara.
I think I'm done tweaking - I am now happy with the way she looks !
Did u spot the little turtle ?
Tony made him : )

That is my story from the sea - the tail is done ^_^
Total mermaid inspiration from the best merperson artist in the world IMHO -


  1. Carolyn
    WOW!! This is amazing - I am not sure how you remold a doll's face - but you did a beautiful job on this. I loved the first one you did too but have to agree the second one is awesome! And I love the turtle too! You are a very talented couple! Love the background scenery - It makes me feel like she just came up from the sea with her turtle friend to say hello to all us "land bound people"!! What tales she must have to tell!! ;)


  2. Carolyn
    I was showing my daughter your beautiful work on this doll and she noticed the one green eye and one purple eye! This is incredible work when you can repaint something like this!! Hugs again

  3. Love the redo! I really love how you painted her face...and her tail is so pretty. :)

  4. Aww thank u CaroleAnn !
    I feel like I finished what I set out to do 10 years ago ! Phew ^_^

  5. Thanks for popping in with your lovely comment Mandy ^_^

  6. Oh wow she is incredible Carolyn! I love her tail, the beading detail is beautiful <3