Monday, 2 July 2012

Vintage Paper Dolls

I recently rediscovered some paper dress up dolls that I thought I had lost.
They are from back in the day, u know from when I was little. OK - vintage - I admit it !
But how lovely they are and what memories ! I am reminded of warm summer days sitting on a blanket in the garden and wet, cosy afternoons playing dress up. I know every dress by heart and what my dollies would be doing in each pretty outfit.
They are far too lovely not to share so I have scanned one of them and cleaned her up a bit for you to print out. I have experimented with the printing size but have no idea as to whether it will work for you. I would appreciate if anyone has a go to let me know how it goes.
I printed the doll at 3 inches wide - this is her actual size. And the dress at 3.70 inches wide so that it fits.
If it is successful I will scan some other dresses and maybe her sisiter/friend.
Happy playtime !



  1. Oh my gosh! Yes, let me dig out some card and I'll klet you know if the dress and the doll are printing ok. Back in a sec!

    And thank you for the comment on my Steampunk blog. Some days we all need a combobulator gun.

  2. Dear Carolyn
    ahhh paper dolls... They sure do bring back childhood memories...
    Several years ago I created a line of paper dolls.. It was such fun.
    I would love to print this little beauty but my printer is not working... argggg.
    Wishing you a beautiful week

  3. Darling Images,thank you for letting us have them.Thank you for your good wishes too. Denise

  4. Thanks Rissanna that'll be great - LMK ^_^

    Ah Penny,what about a paper mouse doll ? That would be very cute !

  5. The dress prints out much bigger than the doll on mine; about the same relative ration to the way they are on the screen. I'll do some fiddling and get mine to fit, though. I love paper dolls. Paper mouse? How about a paper rabbit?

  6. Oh thank u for taking the time to have a go Rhissanna !
    I have resized the dress so it should work better.It's the numbers in measuring, turns my feeble brain to mush.
    And yes paper rabbit too - rabbits look lovely with clothes on ^_^

  7. Aaahhh I used to LOVE paper dolls!! I played with mine so much that the tabs that you folded back used to fall off from wear. Thank you for sharing such a sweet memory :)