Monday, 23 July 2012

Wild Thyme

This is the thank u card that CaroleAnn sent me after winning my little giveaway. Isn't it beautiful ? 
You is such a good blog friend CaroleAnn  xx

 The warm sun has really brought the flowers on over the past few days. I took a shot of this tiny Thyme, it cascades over the side of a planter at the back door. It is so pretty and smells divine in the sun.

Cicely Mary Barker new how to capture the beauty of the smallest flowers without a macro lens. The detail she includes in each Flower Fairy painting is phenomenal. 'Tis the reason she is my all time favourite fairy artist. I often wonder if she were alive today would she have a blog or Flickr account? Maybe not... I think she would be too busy painting her fairies and flowers for us.

Have a good week and if u are at the sea look out for Wild Thyme but be careful not to tread on that fairy !


  1. Hi, Carolyn
    So glad you liked the card enough to post it! I was surprised - have to tell you - about 2 yrs ago I had received a Cicely Mary Barker calendar and I made these 3D cards from all her fairies! I loved that calendar and I never saw anything like it again. Love her work;) I gave the cards as a gift. Hugs

  2. This made me smile, warm thoughts for a rainy day <3