Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Wish List Wednesday

 Hmmm now what wouldn't I give to own a piece of gorgeous resin by Enaibi?
Only the lucky few have one of these amazing dolls !
 I love the way she incorporates different colours of resin on one body - how does she do that I wonder?
 And all her girls are sooo pretty.
Best pics of Enaibi's Dolls on her Flickr.

Look into my eyes, you are feeling sleepy...
Enaibi Dolls are in my dreams.


  1. They have such lovely, expressive hands. You're right; they'gorgeous. And I have no idea how you'd pour resin and alter the colour. Is it right through or sprayed on the outside of the body parts?

  2. Enaibi said this in her interview at BJDCollectasy -

    'I was able to create a special
    way to allow me to make several resin colors
    on the same doll parts
    because of my love
    for animal girls. I’m very
    glad and proud of this idea'

    I have no idea how it can be done
    Rhissanna! It's a mystery,
    but it's one of the reasons why I admire her dolls so much.

  3. Carolyn
    I am in absolute awe when I look at these dolls - I just spent over half an hour checking out the Enaibi flicker page! I hope your wish comes true one day as these dolls are truly a collector's dream come true! Hugs