Saturday, 25 August 2012

August - Holiday Memories

August really is a holiday month.
During August when I was young, we always spent a fortnight in Scotland so my birthday was usually celebrated on holiday. This meant making a visit to the local bakery to order a birthday cake which would be collected on the day for taking on a picnic.
 We had all the stuff - large flasks, melamine cups and plates, a calor gas stove to boil water on and a proper Teapot with a wooly cosy, a salt cellar with a twist of paper in the top, salad, homemade jam, bread and a large cardboard box to put it all in. Best of all on that day, a cake with pink icing and candles !
The car was permanently packed with kagools, flipflops and wellies, straw hats, fishing nets, sun cream and some horrendous smelling stuff to put behind our ears which was supposed to stop us getting bit by midges.
Sometimes we would stop by the sea, a river or a nice picnic area with tables and benches. Failing that, a field would do  - Dad always new the best places.
Returning by dusk come rain or shine, cloud or clear sky we always had a good day
 Holiday time means lots of fun
For you and me and everyone.
Swim in the sea, play on the sand
To do these things is really grand.
Or else perhaps we take our tea
To picnic in the fields where we
Can play our games 'midst poppies bright
Until we go home at night.
Illustration by Flora White
Verse by Anne Hope
Here is another little dress for the paper doll

Enjoy the simple things - have fun for the rest of the hols !


  1. What lovely memories, it sounds beautiful <3

  2. Carolyn
    I loved your post and some of the items you talked about I did not know what they were but I smiled to myself. I too have August memories with my Mom, Dad, and sister - so lucky to have these wonderful memories from our childhood! So August is your birthday month!! A very happy birthday to you!!

  3. Thanks Sam :)

    CaroleAnn ! *Smiles*
    Flask - Thermos for hot water, tea or coffee
    Melamine - unbreakable plastic stuff
    Kagool - horrible foldaway waterproof jacket
    Wellies - waterproof rubber boots
    LOL ! No wonder u were confused.
    And thanks I had a lovely birthday and I still get a cake with pink icing ^_^