Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wish List Wed

Cheese - that's my wish for today ^_^
Not Cheddar or Edam and certainly not Mozzerella.
Think more along the lines of Mickey, Jerry or even Speedy Gonzales.
Yes, Cheese is a mouse !
Pipos Summer Special Order includes Cheese available in what looks like lavender or light blue but I prefer the basic yellow.
(Actually I can't make head nor tail of who is available in which colour - beige, pink, mint are mentioned, it's a bit confusing.)
I love this little fella, he is adorable. If he did happen to come my way I've even picked a name for him.
Because he is the 5th Mouseketeer ^_^
 Which means I'd have to make him a tabard and a hat with a feather...


  1. Haha I used to have a Pipos Cheese Mouse called Camembert! I have since moved him on to another home but he was very sweet. I really like the face ups on these new Pipos releases, they're very soft and delicate.

  2. Great minds and all that Sam ^_^

  3. Carolyn
    The mouse is adorable! Naturally I had to check out the website and my granddaughter loved the rabbit doll! Hope you get your wish someday for a cute little mouse like this one! Hugs