Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wish List Wed

Today I'm putting a wish in for this little chair from next and can totally imagine myself enjoying a cuppa a la Victoria Grayson of Revenge fame Littlegretel style : )
In reality Peach and Teasle would want this chair for themselves, I could try to exclude them from the room but they would get their revenge by leaving a pesky kitty deposit on it some way or another.

Next has loads of lovely home interior stuff at the moment - these cushions are definately on my weekend shopping list !
Have yourselves a good week


Mandy said...

Oh! Those are so pretty. I really love the pillows!

CaroleAnn said...

I love this chair and those pillows I could use them for some instant card inspiration! Hugs,
PS I love that show Revenge!! Can't wait for it to return.

Carolyn said...

Exactly what I thought CaroleAnn !
We are just coming to the end of the first series of Revenge - love it too ^_^