Sunday, 10 February 2013

Marjorie Dawson Fairy Art News

If you love vintage fairy art like I do u will be pleased to hear that previously unseen art by  British artist Marjorie Dawson can now be viewed on Flickr.
My friend Kelly was lucky enough to have been bequeathed several of her original fairy art pictures, many of which have never been seen until now.
Fairytales, pixies, delicate flowers in whimsical woodlands, elves and fairies in a delight of rainbow shades dance across the page when Marjorie put her pencil and brush to paper.
You are in for a treat if u take a peek at Flickr.



k r Munro said...

Thanks so much for sharing this for me! Her work is so full of magic. I never tire of looking at her work.

Carolyn said...

You are sooo welcome - it's my pleasure ^_^

CaroleAnn said...

Love this work of art and the last one done when she was 91 - that is incredible. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Hugs

Carolyn said...

You are welcome CaroleAnn -beautiful fairy illustrations and exciting too!

CHRJ said...

Marjorie Dawson was my grandfather's sister (Howard Dawson from Bournemouth). Although we have in the family some (not many actually) of Auntie Marjorie's watercolors, there were many in your Flickr stream that we've not seen before. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your Flickr photo-stream and have shared the link with my mother (Marjorie's niece, Anne Dawson) and my children too. Thank you for posting them.

Carolyn said...

Thank u CHRJ it's lovely to hear from you.
The Flckr with Marjories watercolous belong to Kelly.
Marjories late son Tony bequeathed her the artwork. Kelly shared the beautiful fairy art on Flckr for others to enjoy.
Marjories fairies have an old fashioned charm that you rarely see these days - delightful ^_^