Sunday, 24 February 2013

Snowflake Postcards

Yesterday we woke to snow again. No surprise as it was forecast, but it looks so much more pretty on a day u don't have to get up and go to work!
This is my Fairyland Pukifee Ante - Perlipat. I can't believe that I've had her for over a year. She is previously loved (2nd hand) and arrived with a jumpy neck that would only look up and one foot thicker than the other. I cured the neck with a little hot glue on the joint but the feet are a bit trickier. It's quite surprising how a tiny difference in the feet make her quite unsteady. She is forever toppling over.
Still she scrubbs up well and I adore her ( I waited a loooong time for an Ante).
Her gorgeous little dress is by Mini Jijo on Etsy, I made her hat,wings and shoes.
I really prefer my little dolls without any hair because it shows off the cute shape of their heads !
This lovely poem 'A postcard from a Fairy' by Marion St John Webb can be found in the little book 'Weather Fairies' illustrated by Margaret Tarrant.

 Snowflakes, sprinkling, falling,
Can you hear the fairies calling,
The fairies in the woods, among the trees ?
They watch you tumbling,dropping.
And call you without stopping,
To ask, "Have you a message for us, please?"
Snowflakes twirling, swirling,
You are the fairy postcards, whirling
From the fairies in the clouds to those below.
Soft you float, each light and airy,
Down to a waiting fairy,
Who grasps and reads her postcard made of snow.



  1. Carolyn
    She is beautiful and the thought of snowflake postcards will have me using my imagination the next time we get snow! Love the hat and her eyes are outstanding. So sweet. Big Hugs

  2. Thank u CaroleAnn !
    It is a lovely idea that snowflakes are postcards from fairies in the clouds ^_^

  3. Just stopped by to take a look at yoiur blog. I love your photos. The dolls are also beautiful. I have never before seen dolls like this. a very interesting blog! x Sharon

  4. Thanks for takin a peek around Sharon ^_^