Saturday, 19 December 2015

Fairy Advent - Dec 19/20 - Angels from the Realms of the Glory

A weekend of angels from my Sulamith Wülfing calendars.
Angel Spirits Calendar 
December 2007
Angel of Devotion
Through life's trials and tempests, I keep the flame of faith alive.
I shelter the spark of devotion within your heart,
holding it close as a mother holds her tender infant,
sheltering it from the wind.
Draw close to the light and be at peace.

The Art of SulamithWülfing Calendar
December 2003
The Angel of Advent
Astride the line between faith and unknowing,
between certainty and hope lives the Angel of Advent.
She comes to us on white wings saying,
"Celebrate the light even on this darkest night."

The Art of Sulamith Wülfing Calendar
December 2002
The Great Ball
Sulamith's fairies look more like little angels to me because of their feathered wings.
Her usual attention to detail, the textures and expression are beautiful.
The paper chain and beads, the checked slipper and the mischievous brownies.
Wondrous and magical !

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